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I'm Durgesh, a 21 year old Full Stack Developer with 2+ years of experience. I work with Javascript and its endless list of frameworks, primarily with React.js, Next.js, Nodejs, and Gatsby.

Occasionally, I work as a Freelance Web Developer where I deliver highly optimized websites to my clients and help them scale their businesses digitally. I also run a  YouTube channel  where I post web dev tutorials.

When I'm not coding, I love to binge-watch pop culture stuff. I also love to play guitar and create sketches. Even though I'm not very good, it does help my creative side when I'm building websites.


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latest works

1. DaoLens - Web3 Startup | Freelance Project

1. DaoLens - Web3 Startup | Freelance Project

A website for a Web3-based startup built using Next.js and Strapi Headless CMS. The site has several advanced components like search, filters, multiple carousels, accordions, etc. It uses a lot of gradient backgrounds and also has an advanced blog section where every blog has a separate programmatically created page. The site also includes embedding several media types including branded tweets, YouTube videos, and Spotify podcasts.

2. furniture world | e-commerce website

2. furniture world | e-commerce website

An E-Commerce website for a furniture company built with reactjs and styled-components. The products are fetched via an external API and they can be filtered or sorted in a no. of ways. I set up the filter functionality using context API and the useReducer hook in react.  The site also has a lot of other great features like login/logout provided by auth0, payment handling by stripe & netlify functions, and form handling via formspree.

ReactJSrest APInetlify functionsstripeauth0
3. Developer Portfolio | Freelance Project

3. Developer Portfolio | Freelance Project

A portfolio website of a game developer built with Gatsby and Contentful headless CMS. GraphQL endpoints are used to retrieve all of the data. The website features modern animations created with the framer motion library. It also includes an advanced SEO component with social media cards and open graph meta tags. The single project pages are generated programmatically by using the file system route API approach. The wireframe for the website was created completely from scratch in Figma.

GatsbyGraphqlContentfulstyled-componentsFramer Motion
4. ChatterBot - AI Chat Bot

4. ChatterBot - AI Chat Bot

An AI-powered chatbot is built with OpenAI's API using a Node & Express server. It is designed to understand natural language and respond in a meaningful way. The chatbot can answer questions, provide information, and even complete tasks. The chatbot also has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users to interact with it. With its powerful AI capabilities, this chatbot can help make conversations more efficient and enjoyable.


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